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What is Zetting

Zetting is a personalized vacation manager and travel agency. With close association with Travel Quest and Travel Leaders, Zetting provides people the unique opportunity to make exceptional travel bookings! In the future, we also hope to add the option of agents who travel alongside clients to their destination(s), either in person or remotely, as a private interpreter and translator.*

Who created Zetting?

Zetting is the brain child of Zachary Evan Russell (ZER). As an avid traveler and culture connoisseur, ZER thought 'why not incorporate all three into a world class vacation service?'  More on ZER.


What role does a Zetting agent play?

"Zetting Agentz" provide all of the following, combinable services:

  • Vacation planning/booking.
  • "Remote" travel managing and translation services translation services; communication is digital through instant messaging or phone/video calls.*
  • Onsite travel managing and translation services translation services.*

Which languages will be offered?

The following language combinations are in works to be available:*

  • English to Spanish
  • Spanish to English


What is the cost?

If a client only wishes to book travel through Zetting, prices are determined based on the current market not by Zetting. Service charges may apply for longer, more extensive trips but, clients will be made aware of this before any bookings take place.  

Zetting translation services are set based upon the desired trip. If translation services are utilized, as a member of your travel party, travel fares and housing are expected to be covered by the clientAdditionally, each agent will receive either a per diem of $150/day OR 5% of the grand total of travel/housing expenses for the entire trip, whichever is greater.*

What will Agentz do?*

During your vacation, our Agentz will assist you not only by being your onsite travel manager, he/she will be your personal interpreter at all venues attended (i.e. restaurants, hotels, airports, tourist attractions, etc...). Additionally, this means your Agent will help you translate any legal, medical, travel, etc... documents that may become necessary. 

*Translation/Interpretation services and onsite services are not live just yet. Stay tuned, though!

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