Zetting CEO and Founder: Zachary Evan Russell

This is real. This is me.

My name is Zachary Evan Russell. Though, Zack is what I tend to go by (you'll have to ask my mother why the "h" changes to "k"). I am 24 years old and have earned a BA in Spanish and a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University (MSU) where I was also a founding father of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. As the founder and CEO for Zetting, four things I have a passion for are people, travel, language and coffee; clearly, being a travel agent was the obvious thing to do.


Where did Zetting come from?

The name "Zetting" comes from the first letter of my name, "Zachary," and the term "jet setting." "Jet setting" refers to one who travels often and without reservation. The thought of simply hopping on a plane and spending a week on the beach without worry is quite possibly one of the best feelings there is. At Zetting, we wants to bring this feeling to everyone.


Often, when people travel internationally, there is a slight hesitance due to language barriers. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a person who speaks English, but this not always the case. Or, if you are traveling to a large city, the thought of maneuvering the busy streets, sidewalks, metros, and public spaces seems daunting. Our hope (one day) is to be able to send one of our Agentz with you is to help assuage these concerns, allowing for a seamless and stress-free vacation. Let us translate menus at restaurants. Let us handle issues with your hotel room. Let us do the all the brain work/heavy lifting so you and your friends and family can simply enjoy your vacation!

Travel can be a cumbersome thing to tackle but, Zetting is ready and willing to take on the challenge. Whether it be a cruise, an all-inclusive resort or destination exploration, we'll get you ready to "zett off" into the world! 


Zetting is affiliated with the Travel Quest and Travel Leaders networks. 

Travel Quest has been a leading Host Travel Agency for nearly 20 years. They're family owned/operated flair makes them unique and always willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile. With 500+ agents in the US and value of $50 million, TQ has it all.




Travel Leaders has been advocating for travelers like you for 75 years. With over 3,400 travel experts within the network, 65 industry awards in the last 8 years, 300 global partners and a whopping $17 billion in annual sales, Travel Leaders are at the front lines of the travel industry. Check out the custom Travel Leader's Web Page by clicking here or on the picture!